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The Cartel

What is it?

There is a place on the Metaverse where a scientist named MadBunny has created an addictive carrot mutation that drove all the bunnies insane.

Eventually, they gathered up for some questionable activities and transformed this place into a pretty dangerous one.

The Bunnies

On the Ethereum blockchain, you will soon find 7,210 unique, randomly generated bunnies as ERC-721 NFTs.

Every bunny is unique and programmatically generated from over 280+ possible traits like background, skin, clothes, eyes, mouth, ears, weapons and more. Some bunnies are rarer and madder than others.

Rabbit Hole Illustration

How to Get in

You shall never walk around by yourself in the Bunnies Cartel, one might never get to see the daylight once again.

When the time comes, mint a bunny that will show you around and it might help you stay alive.

How to mint




Jump into the madness

Engage with the community and take part in exclusive activities such as:

  • Activities focused on our helping cause
  • Giveaways
  • Presale Whitelisting
  • Art & Game sneak peeks
  • Other fun events
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The Stash House is built

At 100% mint 40ETH will be transferred to the Bunnies Cartel Stash House.

Funds will be used for:

  • Donations and meetups for addiction recovery
  • New and exciting NFT projects in the Bunnies Cartel Metaverse
  • In-game rewards and exclusive rewards for holders

50% of the royalties will be redirected to the Stash House.

Q1 2022

Madville Metaverse Launch

Bunnies and Carrot Lords will be able to purchase land in the Madville Island and provide in this way a home for their NFT.

By staking and farming, holders will yield X-Carrot tokens (XCRT) which can be used for upgrades, entering tournaments and minting the next generation of bunnies.

A complete description of the Metaverse can be found in the Litepaper

Madville Illustration
Carrot Launch Illustration

Q2 2022

PvP: Carrot Brawlers

These loco Bunnies are greedy and are aiming to advance quickly through the Cartel ranks. It’s not easy to become a true Carrot Lord and keep control of your territory so any disputes must be solved in the Battle Arena. Gear up, shoot some crazy bunnies, steal their carrots and climb your way to the top.

Cartel Expansion

  • Secondary collection will be launched in the Bunnies Cartel Metaverse. Mintable with XCRT.
  • Surprising collaborations with NFT experts, artists and top tier projects
  • Metaverse growth - The bunnies are working round-the-clock on the Madville expansion. Stay tuned for updates!

Q3 2022

We made it this far

Are you sure you will still be alive at this stage? If you are one of the survivors, you will get the chance to make yourself heard.

Further development will be decided based on holder's votes.

Voting Illustration


Our Cause

We stand for awareness and openness when it comes to drugs addiction and recovery.

Bunnies Cartel aims to be more than just a project. We want to be here for everyone in need. We want to merge the digital part with the awareness part. This is why we've created Choices:

  • Weekly Spaces with professionals ready to help, give advices and discuss about addiction & recovery.
  • Special collabs with artists ready to show how they are able to create and have fun without taking drugs.
  • Storytime with members who were/are in the recovery process.
  • A Safe Space in Madville ready to support you anytime + donations to rehab centers.


Madville is the core of the Bunnies Cartel Metaverse, it's the home in which these crazy bunnies began their journey and it's also the place in which they'll continue to run their questionable activities.

Explore the 1st version of the island at madville.bunniescartel.com

The Team

Alex's avatar



Seasoned NFT and crypto enthusiast. Has a crush on mad bunnies.
Catalin's avatar



The magic hands. Also, the reason for all this chaos into the bunnies lives.
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Software Engineer

Web 3.0 developer because Web 2.0 became a bit intrusive.
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Software Engineer

Web, mobile and game developer. Making it pop.
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Marketing Manager

Digital marketing specialist. Taming these bunnies ain't easy.
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Logistics Expert. Project Manager. Marketing Bull. Crypto Fan.



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